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Indivisible97201 Has PLANS for 2021!


In 2021, Indivisible97201 will merge with another activist powerhouse:  One Small Thing PDX!


It’s a new administration after all, and that presents a perfect opportunity to re-invent ourselves!  In OSTPDX, we have near mirror images of ourselves — born on the East side of the river!  We have over the past years shared similar Indivisible beginnings, demographics, political actions, and interests in state and local politics as well as the national picture.  As if that weren’t enough, their logo already includes a bridge!  You’ll find an introduction to OST, a summary of the rationale behind this move, and a preview of future actions below.


While we finalize issues of governance and leadership, a team has been working hard on our new name, and we have agreement on the choice.  A new logo (with a bridge, of course) will be presented soon.  So now, let me introduce you to the new:  



Our merger will bring dedicated and experienced activists to our team, and with it an opportunity to grow not just in numbers, but in strength and influence.  And we will continue to proudly do our work as a chapter of Indivisible National.  There will be further discussion of future activist plans at our January 26 meeting, when members of OST will be invited to join our meeting.  Put the date on your calendar now!  A new website is under construction and will be available soon!


On behalf of the Indivisible97201 and OSTPDX Steering Committees, I welcome your thoughts and comments — and your offers to work with us in the future!  


With wishes for a safe New Year’s evening, and a healthy, less stressful 2021 for all — 





OSTPDX and Indivisible 97201 have been in discussions about combining their energies and their activities as we enter the new year. As we progressed through this process of exploring a merger, we have found many reasons to think that it would be a good idea.

  • Founded as an Indivisible group by Phyllis Brown, a retired physician, shortly after 2016 election

  • Regular meetings for past 3 years (before the pandemic) at the Subud Center in NE Portland exploring local topics of interest including immigration, homelessness, justice reform, Oregon legislative priorities etc.

  • Most members in the 97212 zip codes (Irvington/Alameda/Grant Park/Dolph Park neighborhoods) but has grown far beyond NE Portland in last 1.5 years

  • Focus on

    • Educational/activist meetings with a focus on taking action

    • State/local issues of interest to a progressive community

  • Notable achievements:

    • Regular meetings recognized for their quality and substance/good organization/speakers

    • Social media presence via website, FaceBook page, Twitter account

    • Excellent bi-weekly newsletter with 650 subscribers and high open rate went to twice weekly leading up to 2020 election.

    • 2018 Election Task Force that made numerous recommendations for state/local candidates/ballot measures on the November 2018 ballot

      • Organized canvassing/fundraising/social media in support of local candidates

    • 2019 Oregon Legislative Task Force of 18 people drawn from Indivisible groups across the Metro area focused on 12 topic areas, analyzing 86 bills and making 69 recommendations

    • Instrumental in creation of Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network COIN consisting of 25+ active Indivisible groups across the state, from Metro area, Willamette Valley, Coast, Southern Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Central Oregon, Columbia Gorge

    • In affiliation with Swing Left OST had three regular members form their own letter writing groups—over 40,000 postcards and VF letters and phone banked in Swing States.  Adopted Florida and fundraised for 2 local Florida house candidates and focused our phone banks and fundraising there

    • Activist book club

  • Leadership

    • Now have a 4-person executive team comprised of Mary, Carol, Bill, and Michael

    • Originally a larger “Leadership Team” with founder Phyllis Brown at the head

    • Then changed to a “quadrumvirate” of the “four amigas – Phyllis, Mary, Lynn Youngbar, and Jacque Abel.  OST leadership has always worked on a collaborative model

    • Phyllis left amigas in 2019 and was replaced by Sara McKinney who was the newsletter editor and who created our Twitter and FB accounts and website

    • Sara left in September when her family moved to Mexico; she was replaced by Carol.

    • Lynn and Jacque left in December due to a move and a death in the family, respectively, and we have recently been joined by Bill and Michael



  • Complementary strengths 

    • I97201 has excellent regular monthly meetings and OSTPDX lacks the capacity to continue to produce regular meetings on its own

    • OSTPDX has experience with legislative topics likely to arise during 2021 session that will be of interest to both groups.I97201 member (Craig Loftin) has been a long-term member of OSTPDX’s Climate Energy Environment group

    • OSTPDX has an excellent newsletter and a large subscription base

    • OSTPDX has a website that uses the same platform as the one used by I97201; OSTPDX lacks the technical expertise to maintain it but has the creative skills to create content for it

    • I97201 has a more developed financial base while OSTPDX relies solely on member contributions

  • Similar demographics will make merger easier

  • Similar interests (focus on state/local issues and reliance on IO for federal activism) will make merger easier

  • Easy working relationship regarding branding, etc. issues


  • What will stay the same:

    • Monthly meetings via zoom

    • Newsletter will continue on a bi-monthly frequency?

    • Work on areas of interest

      • Topics arising during the Legislative session

        • Climate/energy/environment

        • Revenue

        • Campaign Finance Reform

        • Immigration

        • Other?

      • Involvement with COIN to amplify our work

      • PDX City charter work

      • Book club

      • Letter writing/phone banking groups, in some guise

      • Racial Justice

  • What will change

    • Rebrand merged organization

      • Expand Mailchimp list and change masthead on newsletter

      • Social media will be rebranded

      • Website will be rebranded

    • Leadership team will be re-formed