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                 CALL TO ACTION



       Indivisible97201 Partners with Swing Left to Get Out the Vote!

       How Can Oregon Voters and Indivisible Activists Impact the                                                    Presidential Election?
                             Simple! Join our letter writing team!


     Sponsored by Swing Left, it's called "VOTE FORWARD." Vote Forward is a letter-writing campaign adopted by many Indivisible chapters to get out the vote in swing states.  It was data proven to be the most effective national GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) project in the 2018 Mid-term elections!

Vote Forward has identified 12 states where Democrats have a strong chance to win the White House with our help:  AZ, CO, TX, FL, GA, NC, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, ME.  Within these are also potential Senate seat wins in AZ, CO, TX, IA, GA, NC, ME and gerrymandered states wins in AZ, TX, FL, GA, NC, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA.

                With This Campaign, We Achieve Our National Goals To

                                        GET OUT THE VOTE TO:
                                        * * DUMP TRUMP * *
                                      * * SEIZE THE SENATE * *
                                      * * HOLD THE HOUSE * *

Indivisible97201 has signed on to adopt our closest "swing state," ARIZONA.  Key races to track and remember:

  • Senate:  Democrats Mark Kelly, retired astronaut and Navy veteran    (and husband of gun control advocate Gabby Giffords). 

  • Dems have a solid chance to beat Republican Martha McSally, appointed to fill Sen. John McCain's seat in 2018 after losing to Kyrsten Sinema.  Sinema was the first Democrat to win an open-seat Senate race since 1976!

  • Trump won Arizona by only 3.5% in 2016, the smallest GOP margin since 1996.

  • US House:  Nine seats will be elected in Arizona this November.  Democrats up for reelection:

  • Ruben Gallego (D-7), a veteran and a Latino, incumbent 3-term congressman. 

  • Ann Kirkpatrick (D-2), successfully flipped her district in 2018.


Vote Forward letters go to D-registered voters who don't always vote.  Each voter is adopted by YOU; no one else in the country will send them such a letter!  You will urge them to vote by adding a personal testimonial paragraph in a prepared, pre-printed letter.  It is proven that simply increasing voter turnout leads to Blue results – you will have a definite impact! 

INDIVISIBLE97201 has set our goal at 500 letters a month to these voters from now to October, for a total of 4,500 letters.  Not only do we need you to join our letter writing team, we will need YOUR help to finance this effort!  Each batch of 500 letters costs $300 for printing, envelopes, and postage.

                                       JOIN US In this Effort NOW

It's time to seriously mobilize our passion to turn this country around!


                                    HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP

Join the letter writing team by going to www.indivisible97201.com and giving us your contact info. We are also asking team members to make a $10 monthly donation to cover the cost of the 20 letters that YOU write.


Become a team supporter b y clicking on the Indivisible97201 website   https://www.indivisible97201.com and make a monthly donation.  A donation of $15 or more will help us cover  the costs  mentioned above. 
Donate to the jar at the next Indivisible97201 meeting (4th Tuesday of each month). 


Drop in $5 or $10 or more for that glass of donated wine!
Write a check to Indivisible97201 - for any amount!  Treasurer Boyd will thank you.

Supply stamps and envelopes to cover the cost of your letters; bring some for another team member as well!!!



   Days until Election Day 
             November 2nd, 2020
            Quarantined But Still Active!
Even though our meetings and other gatherings have been temporarily cancelled, remember...
Don't stop resisting. Use  self quarantine time to make a difference. Contact Suzan  and Downer for Vote Forward                            letters and or postcards
Secretary Of State Debate
          Portland City Club                     3/11/20

Thank you to the sidewalk street artists that created this amazing piece of work just outside our buildings. An inspiration in difficult times

Remember the Climate Strike and                 Separated Families
            Let's Not Let Ourselves Be         Distracted From the Big Picture!!!
Heading 5

Indivisible97201 in Salem with Renew Oregon and  other groups to support SB1530 Cap and Invest Climate bill.

Tuesday Feb. 11th

Stand On Every Corner Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Sustaining Democracy

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Register & Help Make Change

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will. 

Join the resistance, join Indivisible97201 and               help us sustain our democracy!