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Heading 5


President Biden and

Vice President Harris!


   2018:   Took back the House!

   2020:  Took back the Presidency!

   2021:   Took back the Senate!

We made America truly great again!

Congratulations Indivisibles!

Act for Democracy Monthly Meeting  -- January 26, 5pm - 6:30pm


Please register in advance for this meeting


Tricia Sauer is the Indivisible Senior Regional Organizing Manager OR/AZ/NV/UT and co-lead of the Indivisible Rural Raucous Caucus.
Title of Tricia's talk:  Indivisible:  Where Are We Going in 2021 (and who's got the map!)? 
Wondering what Indivisible has planned statewide and nationwide in 2021?  We've got the answers (and a new Guide!)! Come to our virtual meeting and hear all the details.  Just because Trump is gone we don't stop - now we work to change the underlying conditions that led to Trump - both locally and nationally.  We have room for you to plug in and make a difference in 2021.

Indivisible97201 Has PLANS for 2021!


In 2021, Indivisible97201 will merge with another activist powerhouse:  One Small Thing PDX!    And our new name will be (drumroll):  ACT FOR DEMOCRACY (A4D)

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Eliminating the filibuster is simple
All it takes to eliminate the filibuster is a simple majority vote in the Senate — and this can be done at any time. Senate Democrats can introduce a big package of democracy reforms, like DC statehood and expanding voting rights.  Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed “grim reaper” of progressive legislation, then initiates a filibuster.  Democrats can then hold a vote, and with just 50 votes eliminate the filibuster and prevent McConnell from vetoing the legislation.
From Eliminating the Filibuster | Indivisible
Please email our senators and ask them to get this done ASAP.



A thirty-foot tall border wall may look menacing, but it is really a border sieve, regardless of height.


During the Trump administration, $15 billion was spent on replacing some of the existing barriers and building 15 miles of new porous wall along the U S – Mexican border.  Only $5 billion was budgeted by Congress.  $10 billion was taken from the National Defense Budget to do so.


It was a terrible waste of tax-payer money.  Breaches in the wall, using tools easily obtainable from a local hardware store, began occurring almost immediately.  According to Caitlin Yilek, a Washington Examiner reporter, smugglers sawed into the border wall 18 times in a 30 day period.  Five of the breaches occurred in one day.


In addition to extensive environmental damage, there is other unintended, counter-productive consequences.  The U. S. Customs and Border Patrol have discovered that smugglers are using the construction roads built on the U. S. side to move people and drugs more quickly into Arizona.


Write your legislative representatives now, demanding that border “sieve” construction cease.

This note is by Guy Nelson, who is a member of the Act for Democracy Steering Committee and co-leader of the organization’s Immigration Working Group.

Upcoming Meetings

New:  Third-Tuesday Virtual Meetings with Senator

           Merkley’s Staff, 11:30am - 12:30pm

This event is now held as a recurring Zoom meeting - just register once, get the link via email, and attend every month using the same link:  Register here

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