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Heading 5

Inauguration Day

January 20th, 2021

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Liberty Bell Minute meditation:  May Wisdom Prevail in the United States of America


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Winning the Senate with the
Georgia January 5 Runoff Election!

If He Looses, but Refuses

An interesting look at our system, our history, and what could happen if t-45 looses but will not leave!

from the Guardian


Illegal Militias and Voter Intimidation


Georgetown Law professor Mary McCord and her group have developed fact sheets by state on illegal militias, explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups and what to do if groups of armed individuals are near a polling place or voter registration drive.  Although this issue isn't so pertinent to OR's voting (we vote by mail), most of us have family/friends who might experience voter intimidation in other states. 



There is also a fact sheet that educates voters as to what voter intimidation at the polls looks like and indicates what to do should they see or experience voter intimidation.


[Courtesy Linda Meier]

Congratulations to member Scott F. Gilbert, who has a letter to the editor published in The Portland Tribune
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New:  Third-Tuesday Virtual Meetings with Senator Merkley’s Staff


      First meeting:  Tuesday, October 20,

                       2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This event is now held as a recurring Zoom meeting - just register once, get the link via email, and attend every month using the same link:  Register here

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