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How Can Oregon Voters and Indivisible Activists Impact the Presidential Election?

Simple! Join our letter writing team as a   "LETTER LEADER" -- 

⦁ Join the letter writing team as one of 25 "LETTER LEADERS"
⦁ To sign up, send an email to 


with the subject head "LETTER LEADER"
⦁ Give us your contact info: name, email address, phone #, and APTCA Unit # or local address.
⦁ We will send you the Zoom rally address for May 27.

       Indivisible Partners with Swing Left's VOTE FORWARD. Vote Forward is a letter-writing campaign being adopted by hundreds of Indivisible chapters across the country to get out the vote in swing states.  VOTE FORWARD (votefwd.org) was data proven to be the most effective national GET OUT THE VOTE project in the 2018 Mid-term elections!

​ With This Campaign, We Achieve Our National Goals To
                  GET OUT THE VOTE TO:
                    * * DUMP TRUMP * *
                 * * SEIZE THE SENATE * *
                  * * HOLD THE HOUSE * *

Vote Forward has identified 12 states where Democrats have a strong chance to win the White House with our help:  AZ, CO, TX, FL, GA, NC, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, ME.  Within these are also potential Senate seat wins in AZ, CO, TX, IA, GA, NC, ME and gerrymandered states wins in AZ, TX, FL, GA, NC, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA.

Indivisible97201 has signed on to adopt our closest "swing states," ARIZONA and COLORADO--others states may be added later.

Vote Forward letters go to D-registered voters who don't always vote.  Each voter is adopted by YOU; no one else in the country will send them such a letter!  You will urge them to vote by adding a personal testimonial paragraph in a prepared, pre-printed letter.  It is proven that simply increasing voter turnout leads to Blue results – you will have a definite impact! 

INDIVISIBLE97201 has set our goal at 500 letters a month to these voters from now through October, for a total of 3,000 letters. 


Not only do we need you to join as a LETTER LEADER, we will need YOUR help to finance this effort!  Each batch of 500 letters costs $300 for printing, envelopes, and postage.

We are also asking "LETTER LEADERS" to make a monthly donation to cover the cost of the 20 letters that YOU write. Click the "Donate" bar on the Home page of the website.
If you are unable to become a "Letter Leader," become a team supporter by clicking on the Indivisible97201 website to make a monthly donation. 
Write a check to Indivisible97201 - for any amount!  Treasurer Boyd will thank you.
Supply stamps and envelopes yourself to cover the cost of your letters; donate some for another team member as well!


   Days until Election Day 
             November 2nd, 2020
Administration Reverses Nearly 100 Environmental Regulations. See Full List on the Link Below. 
                                               from the NY Times


Recorded Meeting With Jo Ann Hardesty Now Available


Indivisible97201 Supporters,


Below is a live link to the recording of our Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening, April 28th with City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. Should the link become inactive due to Zoom security, simply copy and paste it into your search bar and click. It should then take you right to the recording. Then click the start (arrow) icon


The password should not be necessary, but if it is it is written in red below the link. Simply copy and paste it into the indicated space on the Zoom page.


Password: 4h^88MB?

Learn More About Our Speaker Jo Ann Hardesty


Track and Analyze U.S. Senate Races Below


The present U.S. Senate is comprised of 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats.  Four states, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina are currently rated by at least one of three mainstream “political experts” as a toss-up in November. All four states are now held by Republicans, while in Alabama a Democratic incumbent is projected to lose to a Republican.  None of the other contests are expected to flip. 


So, if the Democrats were to win all the toss-up states and all those considered proTrackbable Democratic wins, and the Republicans were to win all their probable wins, each party would end up with 50 senators.  The vice president would then be the legislative tiebreaker.


This summary is based on a compilation of all 35 Senate races and key ratings this year by Riley Newman. A current version is available at tinyurl.com/senatechart2020 and Indivisible97201 will be updating this summary from time to time. (summary and link provided by by Dave Ripley)

Heading 5

Critical Opinion by Judge Karofsky


Dear Indies,


As you know, we can take some pride in our efforts to elect Judge Jill Karofsky who won against daunting odds. Just how daunting were those odds? Well, it turns out that a partisan Wisconsin State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court made a partisan gamble to defeat her and in the process threatened the lives of many Wisconsin residents who were forced to risk getting the Covid-19 Virus as they attempted to vote. Her opinion article in the NY Times lays out the details. Please take a look:




Working together,


Downer Johnson

Sustaining Democracy

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Register & Help Make Change

Join the resistance, join Indivisible97201 and               help us sustain our democracy!

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